Trump Uses Mobster-Turned-Rat as Character Witness

Donald Trump would like to thank former mob boss Salvatore Gravano aka “Sammy the Bull” for his support. In a post on Truth Social, Trump shared an old interview with the former Gambino crime family mobster, who lamented that he couldn’t do business with the ex-president. “Forget about Trump,” the Bull said, “he’s a legitimate guy.”

“I hope Judges Engoron and Kaplan see this,” Trump wrote, naming the justices presiding over two of Trump’s ongoing lawsuits. “We need fairness, strength and honesty in our New York Courts. We don’t have it now!”

Sammy “The Bull” Gravano end up being known as Sammy “The Rat” after he sold out John Gotti, sending him to prison because he believed the mob boss had put a hit out on him.


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