“Somewhere I Read ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident’. . . .” January 15, 2024, Martin Luther King Day

Some states, Tennessee included, are arguably no longer democracies; One political party flies the flag of Non-Democracy even on MLK day,

Kennedy, who is seeking the 2024 presidency as an independent, defended his family’s authorization of the FBI’s wiretapping of the civil rights leader

The Hill reports “The surveillance campaign was done by the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover but was authorized by Kennedy’s father, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, with the authority of then-president John F. Kennedy.  The younger Robert Kennedy argued his family had little political choice but to authorize the surveillance given Hoover’s insistence and political power.

The Hill says that RFK Jr. gave reasons to Politico, [but to the reader, the reasons are confounding],

There was good reason for them doing that at the time because J. Edgar Hoover was out to destroy Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement and Hoover said to them that Martin Luther King’s chief was a communist,” Kennedy said.

“My father gave permission to Hoover to wiretap them so he could prove that his suspicions about King were either right or wrong,” he said. “I think, politically, they had to do it.”

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