Trump Defames E. Jean Carroll Again During Press Conference Immediately Following Day 2 of Trial

Donald Trump and his attorney Alina Habba had a disastrous day in court on Wednesday in the E. Jean Carroll defamation trial. From Donald Trump nearly being kicked out of the courtroom, to Judge Lewis Kaplan practically questioning if Habba had ever tried a case in a court of law before, sparks flew in the New York federal court.

This second defamation trial against Trump concerns comments Trump made in 2019 in which he denied Carroll’s rape allegations. Judge Kaplan has already ruled Trump liable for defamation, and this trial will determine damages. Now, it seems Trump is determined to make the financial hit on him as large as possible. Following the proceedings, Donald Trump held a press conference at one of his buildings in New York where he proceeded defame Carroll once again.

Trump: It was a very interesting day. As you probably noticed. It’s a big story that the witness today, the person I never knew, I never had anything to do with. It’s a totally rigged deal. This whole thing is rigged. Election interference. But this is a person I had no idea…who she was and nor could I care less. It’s a rigged deal. It’s a made up fabricated story.

Trump then proceeded to make the same false claims about E. Jean Carroll that his attorney Alina Habba was reprimanded for in court, like claiming she “deleted evidence.”



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