COVID-19 Concerns and Positive Tests Delay E. Jean Carroll Trial

One juror in the E. Jean Carroll trial may have COVID-19; therefore, postponing the trial until tomorrow. TFG’s lawyer, Alina Habba, also showed up to court today feeling rather ill after being exposed to COVID-19 from her parents. The dumbest attorney ever did not wear a mask and sat rather closely to her 77 year-old, rapist client but, yeah, it’s just like the flu so, no biggie, right?

According NBC:

Trump lawyer Alina Habba told the judge that she'd had a fever after being with relatives three days ago who later tested positive for Covid, and that her co-counsel Michael Madaio had been exposed, as well. Both tested negative for Covid in court Monday morning. Both were on either side of their 77-year-old client without any masks on as they addressed U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan.

Habba asked that Trump (the rapist) be allowed to testify Wednesday instead of Tuesday because of the New Hampshire primary. Habba suggested that she forgot about the election because she’s “in trial mode,” and said she was reminded by Trump that “tomorrow is the New Hampshire primary and he needs to be in New Hampshire.” Judge Lewis A. Kaplan said he would decide later.

Because he lacks self control and cannot help himself, TFG took to his Truth Social platform and began attacking Ms. Carroll….again. I have chosen not to repost his bullshit because it’s not worth my time.

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