Hatriots Double Down on Their Twisted Desire and Obsession for a Civil War

At last count, it appears sixteen governors from the usual suspect states back Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s defiance of a SCOTUS ruling and his pissing match with the Biden administration.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt (💩) went on the far right shithole, Newsmax, and “openly discussed a civil war between the” US and several states south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Conservatives are speculating that a war could erupt as Abbott defends Texas’ “constitutional right to self-defense” in response to President Joe Biden‘s immigration policies. On Thursday, the governor accused the White House of having “broken the compact between the United States and the States” after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that federal Border Patrol agents can remove razor wire installed at the border at Abbott’s direction.

However, in MAGAt World, it’s President Biden who’s starting a civil war:

Craven Assholes:

Just to Clear Up a Few Matters:

And Then There’s Turtle:

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