From the Cringe Files: RW Barbie Burner Ben Shapiro Is a Rapper Now Because That’s What 2024 Deserves

It’s still January and we already have Ben Shapiro spitting verses with a MAGA rapper.His aim is to publicize how anti-woke he is. . . . The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast reports that Rap hating founder of the right wing empire Daily Wire Ben Shapiro has released an anti-woke rap with “MAGA Rapper”Tom McDonald.

MEDIAite notes “Nobody asked for Ben Shapiro to drop an anti-woke rap song and unbearably cringe accompanying video. And yet, here we are. Shapiro teamed up with Tom MacDonald, a Canadian whom Rolling Stone described as a “right7-wing troll rapper,” to release a song on Friday called “Facts.”

Shapiro, the founder of right-wing media empire The Daily Wire, teamed up with MAGA rapper Tom MacDonald—yes, MAGA rap is a real genre—on the lib-owning track “Facts,” which debuted Friday. Much like the rest of MacDonald’s oeuvre, this latest song centers on well-worn right-wing culture war talking points.

This time around, though, there’s the extra bonus of Shapiro—who has long complained that rap is not a real art form—busting out his own rhymes.

Of course, the whole thing is purposely cringe, which is the entire point. Whether it’s MacDonald wearing an “I Don’t Care If I Offend You” hoodie in the video, or Shapiro spitting verses like “Homie I’m epic/don’t be a WAP,” the song is merely another lazy exercise in titillating easily entertained conservatives while supposedly enraging “snowflake” liberals.

.Some of the lyrics:

I don’t care if I offend you
I was put here to upset you
You can cry and you can scream, you can riot in the streets
You defunded the police, now there’s no one to protect you
I hope I offend you
I ask myself, “What would Ben do?”
Let’s just keep it real facts, don’t care how you feel, man
If you want my pronouns, I’m the man
I’m the man that don’t respect you

Let’s look at the stats, I’ve got the facts
My money like Lizzo, my pockets are fat
Homie I’m epic, don’t be a WAP
Dawg it’s a yarmulke, homie no cap
Look at the graphs, look at my charts
You’re blowing money on strippers and cars
You’re going to prison, I’m on television
Dawg, no one knows who you are
Keep hating on me on the internet
My comment section all woke Karens
I make racks off compound interest
Y’all live with your parents
Nicki take some notes
I just did this for fun
All my people download this
Let’s get a Billboard number one