Ann Coulter: Best Thing Trump Could Do for America Is ‘Die’

Ann Coulter didn’t mince her words when asked what former president Donald Trump could do to “help us take America back.” “Maybe he could die?” she wrote on X.

The one-time MAGA supporter—and author of In Trump We Trust—became a born-again anti-Trumper in recent years, admitting she was “a very stupid girl” to support Trump in the early days of his ascendance. She’s since flip-flopped in her stance on the former president, calling him “the biggest wimp ever to serve” when he bailed on a total border shutdown plan she advised.

While she may have flipped the script on her former champion, and expressed extremely unexpected support for Kate Cox, the woman who was denied an abortion by her home state of Texas in December, Coulter has clearly not let go of her unabashed racism or her Karen-esque ways. She told moderate Republican Nikki Haley, “Go back to your own country” last year and continues to rail against “illegal immigration.” Instead of choosing a horse in the presidential race, Coulter expends her energies attacking Trump, Haley, libs, and anyone who doesn’t support a complete border overhaul.

“Trump can barely speak English. He’s a gigantic baby,” Coulter told New York Times columnist Frank Bruni before the first Republican debate last August. “Trump won’t close the border. He’ll push for amnesty, allow anchor babies and sanctuary cities to continue, ban bump stocks, propose taking guns away without due process and hire half of Goldman Sacks,” she wrote Saturday on X, misspelling the name of the investment giant. “The presidential election is worthless. Concentrate on the House & Senate.”


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