Liveblog - Weekend Wrap-Up: February 04, 2024

Today’s blog will consist of both news and a free chat of sorts. As usual, post the headlines we may have missed and feel free to chit and chat and enjoy one another’s company! 

Comic Relief:



Be Safe, CA and Florida!:

2024 Election:

Joe Biden Wins South Carolina Democratic Primary

A resounding victory for the President.

t’s official: President Joe Biden has won the South Carolina Democratic primary in a landslide victory that saw him defeating Democratic rivals Marianne Williamson and Dean Phillips by a wide margin. Votes are still coming in as of this hour, but the results have sent a clear message to the Democratic electorate that the President will be the Democratic nominee in November. Decision Desk HQ made the official projection at exactly 7:00pm ET – the moment polls closed.

J6 Updates:

More ‘FBI Agents’ Take One For the Team:

Adolf Benito Drumpf, His Mounting Legal Woes, and General Dumbassery:

Trump Campaign Paid $20K to Fake a Union Rally

The truth always comes out in the financial disclosures.

The Trump campaign paid Drake Enterprises, a non-union auto parts shop in Clinton Township, $20,000 to stage a fake event with people holding up “Union Members for Trump” signs behind him to make it look like he was holding a rally with union auto workers on strike. During the rally, he rambled nonsense that if he wasn’t elected the entire American auto industry was going to move to China. 

The Worst, Stupidest, and Most Deplorable People in the World:

From the MarKODA Files:

Craven Assholes:

Craven Assholes Need Attention:

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