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With so much going on in our world, we sometimes miss important issues. Please feel free to share any headlines or new developments we may have missed providing they come from reliable and credible sources.  In other words, please do not post any missed headlines form far right ‘news’ sources or regurgitate their Russian propaganda unless you’re trying to point out that the far-right extremist in our country and elsewhere actually believe their own BS or Russian disinformation.   The same applies to what is currently happening in Israel. We also ask that you provide a link to your source so folks can read it if they want. Please do not make any claims that you cannot factually validate or verify.



Supreme Court signals unlikely to let Colorado kick Trump off ballot

Trump is appealing a Colorado Supreme Court ruling that said he could be barred from the Republican primary ballot because of his efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

The Supreme Court on Thursday signaled deep skepticism that Colorado had the power to remove former President Donald Trump from the Republican primary ballot because of his actions trying to overturn the 2020 election results.

A majority of the justices appeared during the two-hour argument to think that states do not have a role in deciding whether a presidential candidate can be barred from running under a provision of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment that bars people who “engaged in insurrection” from holding office.

Justices raised concerns about states reaching different conclusions on whether a candidate could run and several indicated that only Congress could enforce the provision at issue.

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Texas stabbing of Palestinian American meets hate crime standard, police say

The stabbing of a Palestinian American man in Austin this week meets the definition of a hate crime, police said.

Bert James Baker, 36, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after the Sunday attack on 23-year-old Zacharia Doar near the University of Texas campus.

“The facts of the case meet the definition of a Hate Crime,” police said in a statement Wednesday evening after the department’s Hate Crimes Review Committee looked at the case. The decision on whether to prosecute the case as a hate crime will be made by the Travis County district attorney’s office, officials said.

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