RFK Jr. Apologizes for Super Bowl Ad he took out to Promote Himself.

Members of the Kennedy Clan are not happy that their anti-vax relative is out there in front of mics and cameras. . . .

According to The Hill, “American Values 2024 ran a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl that heavily relied on imagery from former President John F. Kennedy’s 1960 presidential campaign. PAC co-chair Tony Lyons confirmed to The Hill that the ad, which appeared just before the halftime show, cost $7 million.

Despite Kennedy’s apology and his claim that his campaign was not involved, the ad remained pinned to the top of his X profile as of Monday morning. Bobby Shriver, Kennedy’s cousin, had criticized the ad in a post Sunday on X. Shriver noted that his mother was pictured in the ad and she was a tireless supporter of public health and vaccines. Shriver said his Mother would be disappointed in RFK’s stance.

Ben Shapiro, whose barrels of BS on the subject of “political astuteness” could sink a ship, weighs in. . . .

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