Ohio Megachurch Pastor Kicks Bible Off Stage During Super Bowl Sunday Service

Pastor says ‘We believe that church can and should be fun’

The sermon was delivered on Feb. 11, just hours before the Kansas City Chiefs topped the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII. 

With play-by-play announcers, color commentary, a referee, and a stage covered in AstroTurf, the Crossroads pulpit resembled Allegiant Stadium more than any church on Sunday morning as Senior Pastor Brian Tome and Pastor Alli Patterson sported football jerseys as they took the stage for the “pregame” coin flip.

After Tome wins the flip, the referee asks, “Would you like to kick or receive the Bible?”

“I will receive,” Tome replied.

Patterson is then seen taking a few steps back as another pastor squares up the Bible — which had a football-style book cover on it — before kicking the Bible off the stage and into the crowd.

Patterson then high-fives her colleague in celebration.

“Patterson back with the kick … Oh my goodness!” the announcer is heard saying over the PA. “For the first time in 18 years, there’s a touchback for the kickoff.”


At the 2023 production, ‘The Super Bowl of Preaching,’ Pastor Matt Castleman, playing the part of the referee, recreated Miley Cyrus’ viral ‘wrecking ball’ moment’ during the sermon’s ‘halftime show.,’ which saw the band playing several secular songs including Usher, AC/DC, and Toby Keith.


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