Judgment in Trump Civil Fraud Case Officially Entered at $464 million

Plus $111,000 in Interest a Day Until the Judgment is Paid

A clerk in New York has officially entered a more than $464 million fraud judgment against former President Donald Trump and top executives at his company — an amount that will grow by over $111,000 a day until it’s paid. The action starts the clock on the amount of time Trump has to file an appeal and to post a bond for the award. If he does not do so, the New York attorney general’s office will be able to begin collection proceedings against Trump and his co-defendants in the civil fraud case.

✱ I’ve seen two interest numbers, the $87,000 cited here in the tweet, and the $111,000 per day cited in the NBC article. I have no idea which one is correct.

The vast majority of the $464,576,230.62 judgment — $454,156,783.05 of it, to be exact — is against Trump and his companies. The rest of the judgment is against his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, who’ve been running the Trump Organization since 2017, and former top executives Allen Weisselberg and Jeff McConney.

The bond will likely be very costly. While courts have discretion in setting exactly how much is required for a bond, New York courts typically require up to 120% of the judgment, including all pre-judgment interest. That means he could have to post a bond for well over $500 million.  


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