NRA Liable For Corruption And Misappropriating Funds

A New York jury has found the National Rifle Association and its former CEO Wayne LaPierre liable for corruption and misappropriating the organization’s funds to pay for lavish personal expenses including family vacations and luxury goods. This case arose out of the New York Attorney General’s lawsuit filed against the NRA alleging that the organization corruptly used business funds for personal use. Specifically, the jury found that LaPierre is liable for over $5.4 million in damages, although he has already paid over $1 million to the organization he once led. 

Right before trial, back in early January, LaPierre resigned from his post as CEO, marking a significant change in the pro-2nd Amendment space. LaPierre will now be forced to pay back a significant monetary amount to the organization as the NRA enters a new chapter following this verdict. 

Thoughts and prayers, Wayne. 


Wayne LaPierre diverted millions of dollars away from the National Rifle Association to live luxuriously, while the gun rights group failed to properly manage its finances, a jury found Friday.

The verdict comes after five days of deliberations and ends a seven-week long civil corruption trial in New York City. 

The case against the NRA was brought on by a lawsuit filed in 2020 by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who accused LaPierre and other current and former executives of flouting state laws and internal policies to enrich themselves.


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