Lauren Boebert’s Son Robbed Woman With Brain Tumor of Her Last $75

Committed Crimes With Girl He Made Sex Tape With

The felony charges that Representative Lauren Boebert’s eighteen-year-old son, Tyler, got hit with on Tuesday, February 27, stem from a series of car thefts in Rifle, where he and some underage friends robbed several people, including a woman with a brain tumor who said she had just $75 “left to her name,” according to police.

Investigators say Tyler and his pals were caught on surveillance cameras using credit cards that they swiped from their victims’ parked cars at multiple locations on February 19 and February 20, according to their arrest affidavit, which was released by the Garfield County Clerk of Court. Among other places, the cards were used at the Kum & Go in the 100 block of East 26th Street in Rifle and a Love’s Travel Stop in Parachute, where Tyler and his cohorts were caught on video.

During police interviews, one of the suspects was identified by another minor as a female whom Tyler “supposedly made a sex tape with,” according to the affidavit, with the tape sent around to people they knew.


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Financial records and surveillance footage was used to track down four suspects, a group made up of three males and one female. Tyler Boebert was identified as a suspect wearing a “Shooters Grill” hoodie.

In a statement reported by Westword, Lauren Boebert said Tyler Boebert “will take responsibility for his actions and should be held accountable for poor decisions just like any other citizen.”

She also said: “I love my son Tyler, who has been through some very difficult, public challenges for a young man and the subject of attention that he didn’t ask for. It breaks my heart to see my child struggling and in this situation, especially when he has been provided multiple opportunities to get his life on track. I will never give up on him and I will continue to be there for him.”


Jayson Boebert said “I know my son is a good-hearted child and still has his whole life ahead of him, my love for my children is unconditional and I vow to stand by them unwaveringly through all of life’s challenges. Even though I may feel like I have failed at times I will continue to keep improving.”


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