Free Chat Friday, Week 9

Happy Friday News Viewers, and welcome to our Friday Farewell edition for a week of significant “Goodbyes”. We say farewell to Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate Leader and Obstructionist Extraordinaire, by simply being a Bartleby he redefined for the electorate the meaning of “No legislating No way. . . .”

We say goodbye to Alexei Navalny, who’s being buried today, Russian Leader of their Opposition, years stalked, now finally killed by Vladimir Putin. for doing the unfavorable and following the Putin money (that’s on the yacht on it’s way to the Winter palace around the Summer home;) in short, the money stash Putin can’t take with him regardless of what he does to Navalny.

On this 9th Friday of 2024, we say Goodbye to the Texas Panhandle which is seceding before it had a chance to do so behind mics with big hats on; we say goodbye all of Nancy Mace’s staff members who apparently have a habit of going out for lunch and never coming back,; and we say Goodbye to acres and oceans of children, families, communities of war,, wars that seem never to end an never to solve.

And it’s Bye to REI, closing because who goes outside any more? and Bye to all the the embryos, some of which we’d hoped to meet one day, in their families…..maybe outside playing…

And we hope for the day we say goodbye to this guy, but today is not that day….. but on the up side? Donald is saying farewell to his $400 Million today, “Ill gotten gains” and righteous consequences…

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