Lauren Boebert Says Message From God Spurred 2024 District Move

Says God Was Partially Behind Her Decision to Move Districts

Citing the influx of donations for Democrat Adam Frisch’s campaign from out-of-state, Boebert in December announced her intention to move her residence and seek election in Colorado’s 4th district instead. The move has, however, still been fraught with difficulties for the congresswoman, with voters in the new district regularly expressing their distaste for her and her efforts to find success there. An informal straw poll from a GOP debate in the district also saw her place fifth out of nine candidates for the nomination.

On Sunday, The Washington Post published a piece about Boebert’s ongoing campaign in the 4th district and the troubles she has encountered. At one point in the piece, Boebert claims that she expected such difficulties, but was supposedly encouraged to stick with the plan by a message from God. 

“I’m not dumb,” the congresswoman said. “I knew all the attacks that would come my way. But I talked to God, I asked ‘How do I address this? Will this be perceived that I’m not fighting?’ And God said, ‘Do you have more faith in your ability to fight or my ability to open a door?'”

“I did not arrive at this decision easily. A lot of prayer, a lot of tough conversations, and a lot of perspective convinced me that this is the best way I can continue to fight for Colorado,” Boebert said in a Facebook video on December 27.


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