MAGAts Create AI-Generated, Deep Fake Images of TFG Posing with Black Voters to Court the Black Vote

Blacks for TFG? That could be somewhat real but not in the numbers that TFG nor MAGAts would like to believe. But, what is definitely fake are images of TFG posing with black voters and MAGAts sharing them around the web to encourage black voters to vote for him and other GQPers; they’re AI generated; they’re FAKE.

The BBC has discovered dozens of deepfakes portraying black people as supporting the former president.

But there’s no evidence directly linking these images to Mr Trump’s campaign.

The co-founder of Black Voters Matter, a group which encourages black people to vote, said the manipulated images were pushing a “strategic narrative” designed to show Mr Trump as popular in the black community.

A creator of one of the images told the BBC: “I’m not claiming it’s accurate.”

The fake images of black Trump supporters, generated by artificial intelligence (AI), are one of the emerging disinformation trends ahead of the US presidential election in November.

The Culprit:

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