The Criminally Indicted, Pathological Liar, George Santos, Announces Plan to Run for Congress Again

Sporting a rhinestone shock collar, the disgraced, criminally indicted, pathological lying, and expelled from Congress, George Santos, made a surprise appearance at the State of the Union address where he announced he filed paperwork to run for Congress again, but in a different district. He plans to primary Rep. Nick LaLota (R-N.Y.) who led the charge to expel Santos.  If the disgraced, criminally indicted, twice impeached, adjudicated rapist, and one term, former (p)resident can do it, hey, why not?

Santos — who has also pleaded not guilty to federal fraud charges — has argued he wasn’t provided due process before becoming just the sixth member of Congress in U.S. history to be expelled.

  • The House expelled the New York Republican in a 311-114 vote following the release of a scathing ethics report that detailed a “complex web of unlawful activity.”

Last Year’s State of the Union:

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