Free Chat Friday, Week 10

Happy Friday News Viewers! If you watched the State of the Union address last night, you’ll understand why posting the usual fare just won’t do — because our President Brought It in real time. I’m still on Cloud Nine. . . .I don’t know about you, but it felt like a night with a difference — we got to see Joe Biden and better than that, so did Smirky McSmirkalot, Mike Johnson, whose face during the speech proved to be a kind of cartoon bubble 💬full of thoughts like “uh oh. . . .” 😄

Welcome to our Friday Free Chat. Brilliant political cartoons are usually the order of the day, and we’ve got plenty of room for them in the comment section. Because today, nothing is feeling more brilliant than Joe Biden kicking ass last night by simply stating who we are, who we are not and what happens next.

So share and share alike — open topics, open forum, open season within reason, cartoons in the comic section and Joe Biden still speaking in my head as if to say, “Don’t worry! I’ve got this.. . . .”

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