Judge McAfee Rules Insufficient Evidence of Impropiety by Fani Willis, but…

UPDATE: Fani Willis Accepts Nathan Wade’s Resignation

Judge Scott McAfee released a 23-page ruling that found insufficient evidence of impropriety in Fani Willis’s case against Mike Roman, Trump and other co-defendants.

McAfee finds that Willis should not be removed from the case, but because of the appearance of impropriety she or the special prosecutor she had a relationship with must step down from the case.

If Willis were to remove herself, the case would come to a halt, but having Nathan Wade leave the case will ensure it continues without further delay.

The judge also found there was no "actual conflict" brought about by the relationship, a finding that would have required Willis to be disqualified. "Without sufficient evidence that the District Attorney acquired a personal stake in the prosecution, or that her financial arrangements had any impact on the case, the Defendants’ claims of an actual conflict must be denied," the judge wrote. 

See the judgement below.


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