Free Chat Friday, The Ides of March

BEWARE the Ides of March, News Viewers — that would be today, by the by, the day Julius Caesar was “removed from office,” by his enablers.. . . . .as foretold in a dream by Caesar’s wife — no misinformation, no predictions by social media, no polls predicting the possibility, just a woman’s dream.

Welcome to our Ides of March free chat here at News Views — where a couple of things should be noted — 1) that Lo these many centuries later, during our Women’s History Month, we see that some men still don’t pay attention to what the other half says — if Caesar had paid attention to his wife, he might have had a better day that day; maybe he would not have died in a dress (I mean TOGA…) at the hands of his friends. As noted in a previous post, Women’s History Month (and Wesley Snipes 😄) seeks to teach the world to LISTEN TO THE WOMAN.

And — 2) (you know, secondly :-), this Ides of March we remember that Caesars CAN be removed from the public square, whether by the sword of Brutus or the sword of Lady Justice or in our case, by metaphorical sword, aka The Vote. All it takes is motivation to act for the good of the cause, and the freedom to chat out those ideas. In fact, today for free chat, NV is the public square in Rome ( bring food, coffee provided….. 🤣)

This Ides of March, there is still hope that doom foretold is not doom realized. And there is also the knowledge that at least it’s not the Ides of April, Tax Day, AND Ides notwithstanding, it’s a day to freely chat on NV, a day to plot and plan, solve and imagine, a day to dream, a day to do the right thing or think the wrong thing, Welcome to Free Chat — all topics, all the time within reason, of course, and it goes without saying that in keeping with our Community Guidelines, there will be no stabbing at the coliseum, but retelling of dreams is completely allowed. So fill us in, NV……whatcha got?

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