Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Expected to Tap Nicole Shanahan as Running Mate

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is planning to tap Nicole Shanahan, a California-based attorney and entrepreneur once married to Google co-founder Sergey Brinn, as his running mate for his independent bid for the presidency, Mediaite has learned.

 “They align on numerous issues,” a source close with the campaign said of Kennedy and Shanahan. “The campaign is also looking for a candidate who can help finance the ballot access initiative,” that will be crucial if Kennedy stands a chance of competing in the election.

The source added: “She might be infusing millions of dollars into the campaign to help fund the ballot initiative, which makes her attractive financially; however, she lacks the qualifications to actually do the job.”

Mediaite found that the domain was registered on March 13th, and verified the donation page is live and accepting donations at the subdomain Mediaite donated $1 through that donation page to discover the domain was registered by Kennedy senior advisor Link Lipsitz.


Who will be Trump' running mate?

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