Free Chat Friday, Week 12

It’s a beautiful day In the neighborhood, ain’t it kids? Not quite as glowing in the wider world, but we look at it today with clear eyes and level heads. . . Because others with mics and podiums can choose to spin, lie, dissemble, colorize, evangelize, hype and mythologize, We the People no longer tolerate the false, the rose colored glasses.

Welcome to our open forum, the Free chat we have every Friday here on News Views. Of course, we don’t HAVE to shoot straight, but this is the place we get to., And after this another week of the media, elected officials., PR bots, persuasionistas and buckets of the slime we’ve come to know as “misinformation”, it’s a relief to parse the news like it is, to see through the code and interpret what’s true.

Our cartoons today reflect this honest look-see, because I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned, the messages we get disguised as truth from those we elect to be honest are just TIRED. Obvious, condescending and tired.

So have at it,NV Crowd, and share any topic fit to print — all we ask is that you leave the assholery and personal insults at home in the closet, and please don’t wish death and destruction on those you comment about — that’s Karma’s job…..

So News Viewers — what’s on the docket for your day today?

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