Newly Released Transcripts of TFG’s Valet’s Testimony Released

“Mike, this is a political career killer if you do this,” Mr. Trump told Mr. Pence by phone on the morning of Jan. 6, 2021, according to the White House valet who was with the president for much of the day and told Congress he had overheard the conversation. 

The statement posted above is just a snippet of what The New York Times published on Thursday. It all centers on the J6 House investigation and testimony from TFG’s valet referred to as, White House employee, but was never released.

More Nuggets from the Transcript:

  • When told that a civilian, Ashli Babbit, had been shot, TFG showed no emotion or empathy.
“I just remember seeing it in front of him,” the valet said of a note card Mr. Trump was given bearing news of the casualty as he watched the riot unfold on television. “I don’t remember how it got there or whatever. But there was no, like, reaction.”

The valet did not recall TFG using foul language or ever agreeing with the Hatriots’ calls to hang Pastor Pence.

House Republicans furnished the transcript to The Times after they obtained it from the White House, which was reviewing and redacting it along with a handful of others provided by the House Jan. 6 committee. The copy reviewed by The Times is heavily redacted, and the valet is referred to simply as “a White House employee.”

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