Kyle Rittenhouse Leaves Speech at University of Memphis With Tail Between Legs

Kyle Rittenhouse, the now 21-year-old “gun rights activist,” was escorted off the stage along with his therapy dog during a speech at the University of Memphis on Wednesday.

Rittenhouse was speaking at a campus event hosted by the university’s chapter of Turning Point USA, with topics including the importance of the second amendment and “the lies of Black Lives Matter,” according to the event details.

Pictures posted online showed students protesting Rittenhouse’s appearance with signs that said “Murderers don’t belong here!” and “Where’s the tears now, lil boy?”

Rittenhouse walked on stage with his dog to mostly jeers from the crowd of about 50-75.

One student confronted Rittenhouse, asking “what lies” were told about Black Lives Matter.

Another student confronted Rittenhouse about remarks made by the founder of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk.

“The CEO of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk, has said a lot of racist things,” the student said from his seat.

“He says that we shouldn’t celebrate Juneteenth, we shouldn’t celebrate Martin Luther King Day – we should be working those days – he called [supreme court justice] Ketanji Brown Jackson an affirmative action hire, he said all this nonsense about George Floyd and he said he’d be scared if a Black pilot was on a plane. Does that not seem racist?” the student said.

In response, Rittenhouse said: “I don’t know anything about that.”

“Well, after all the things I just told you, would you consider that hate speech?” the student asked.

“I’m not going to comment on that,” Rittenhouse said, prompting cries from the audience.

Kyle’s handler then escorted him off the stage, with Kyle dragging the dog behind him.

Rittenhouse later posted to social media, denying he was booed off stage.