Liveblog - ICYMI: March 23, 2024

Today’s blog does focus on some of the headlines we may have missed but, I also have several items posted about how we are so much better off as a country under President Biden than the Worst President Ever in Modern Times, the Adjudicated Sexual Assaulter/Rapist. I also have posted a few items on NBC’s stupid decision to hire Ronna Romney McDaniel who will appear on tomorrow’s Meet the Press. Good job! Ronna will also make appearances on MSNBC, a network she has constantly insulted. Turn the Channel if her lying ass appears.

As usual, feel free to share some of your interesting finds.

Are You Better off Now than You were Four Years Ago?

Most Americans do not understand that the increase in inflation (in 2021-2022) is due primarily to monetary and fiscal policies that increased people’s purchasing power at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic decimated global supply chains; there was too much money chasing too few goods.

The Ukrainian war increased inflation by decreasing oil & gas output from Russia, and it disrupted worldwide food supplies. In addition, heat waves, fires, and floods contributed to food shortages and drove up prices. Lastly, in 2022-2023, an avian flu outbreak required the culling of tens of millions of chickens, raising food prices as well.

Biden’s goal in 2021-2022 was to avoid a recession, get people back to work, provide a lifeline to the unemployed, and eliminate food insecurity. He passed the American Recovery Act and the Inflation Reduction Act, which included lowering drug costs, adding $400 billion for climate change, providing state and local aid, and increasing corporate taxes to offset the U.S. deficits. Unfortunately, the legislation increased the inflation rate.

From Time Regarding COVID-19—Warning—Incorrect Year/Typo

Denial led to magical thinking and bizarre decisions that sewed division and distrust. Remember when, in March, the president refused to let a cruise ship with infected Americans return to shore because “I like the numbers where they are”? When the government declared that certain people were “essential workers,” but refused to guarantee them personal protective equipment, let alone extra compensation and better health care? When, in April, Trump announced that the CDC was now recommending that Americans wear masks in public, but immediately declared “I’m choosing not to do it”? Or when, in December 2020, he refused to get vaccinated on television or promote the vaccines that his own government had helped bring to market (and could reasonably claim as a policy breakthrough), because he didn’t want Joe Biden to get the credit?

Consider the way we treated each other. A great many people remember 2020 as a time of surging crime rates. A record increase in homicides. Vandalism at Black Lives Matter protests. Domestic violence, alcohol and drug use, lethal overdoses, all at alarming levels. Gun sales soared, as did carjackings and hate crimes. Price gouging abounded. Reckless driving spiked. But COVID alone isn’t to blame. Despite what collective memory suggests, the truth is it took months before most of these numbers started climbing. So what changed?

Crime has decreased since the Adjudicated Sexual Assaulter/Rapist Unwillingly Left Office:

But since 2021, violent crime has started to fall. According to the FBI, as of 2022 violent crime rates had fallen by 4 percent and murder rates by roughly 7 percent since 2020. Preliminary data suggests those declines accelerated in 2023.

Facts, they matter:

Was America Safer Under Donald Trump Than Joe Biden?

Turn the Channel if this Lying Sack of MAGAt 💩💩💩 Appears:

Ronna Romney McDaniel Scrubs Twitter Account Ahead Of NBC Appearance

Why is McDaniel running from her past?

Ronna Romney McDaniel, who recently became a contributor to NBC and MSNBC began to scrub her Twitter account of old tweets that attack MSNBC, mention Democrats, and more. For example, we have now learned that McDaniel scrubbed the below tweet where she called MSNBC’s primetime hosts “propagandists” and attacked them for pushing “the Russia collusion hoax.” The referenced tweet was from March 16, 2023, about one year ago from today. 

There is also currently nothing about “abortion” on her Twitter account.

🤡 The ClOwN HoUsE 🤡:

The Worst, Stupidest, and Most Deplorable People in the World:

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