MAGA Cultist Pastor Shane Vaughn Unleashes Racist Attack On Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

Nu††er Wa†ch

On Monday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case Murthy v. Missouri, a lawsuit brought by the states of Louisiana and Missouri and several social media users alleging that the Biden administration has been unconstitutionally pressuring social media platforms to remove or censor conservative content. During the hearing, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson raised concerns about the plaintiff’s apparent intention to use the First Amendment to “hamstring” the government’s ability to respond to harmful or dangerous misinformation in “an environment of threatening circumstances.”

This line of questioning elicited a shockingly racist response from MAGA cultist pastor Shane Vaughn, who repeatedly derided Brown Jackson, who is Black, as “Judge Jumanji Jungle Lips.” “I can’t even believe that that stupidity rolled from Jumanji’s jungle mouth,” Vaughn said. “It’s a Jumanji jungle now on the Supreme Court.”

“From now on, her name is Judge Jungle Jumanji,” he continued. “See, the problem is Jumanji Jungle, Judge Jumanji Jungle Lips, the problem with it is this — because what’s coming out of her lips is monkey sense, not common sense! It’s jungle monkey sense pouring out of your liberal lips and you are a curse to this nation. You are a rodent in our republic!” After putting a photo of Brown Jackson on the screen, Vaughn declared, “There’s Judge Jumanji Jungle Monkey Lips pouring out monkey mess in the republic.”

Just last month, Vaughn was at Mar-a-Lago to attend an event with former President Donald Trump. Nuff said.



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