Baltimore’s Key Bridge Collapses after Cargo Ship Collision; Search and Rescue Efforts Ongoing

The Baltimore Sun reports: “Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed early Tuesday morning after a support column was struck by a container ship, sending at least seven cars into the Patapsco River, launching a search-and-rescue operation and prompting Gov. Wes Moore to declare a state of emergency.”

Rescue workers in Baltimore are searching for as many as seven peopleafter a major bridge in the city’s port was struck by a container ship early Tuesday, officials said. It is an “active search and rescue” situation, the city’s fire chief said, and the number of missing people could change.

Two people have been saved from the water so far, Baltimore Fire Department Chief James Wallace said.

CNN notes: “The Singaporean-flagged cargo ship . . . altered course and veered toward a pillar shortly before impact, a CNN analysis of MarineTraffic ship-tracking data confirms.  It’s unclear what caused the ship to crash into the bridge or why its lights were flickering. 

The container ship Dali, which was en route to Colombo, Sri Lanka, begins to change course toward the bridge’s pillar at 1:26 a.m. local time, striking the bridge at 1:28 a.m. ET, according to MarineTraffic data and video from the scene. Video from 1: 25 a.m. ET shows a plume of dark smoke billowing from the ship. Dali’s lights flicker at least twice before the incident. ”