Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse Causes Wing Nut World to Amp Up the Conspiracy Theories

Major news events — like the pandemic, natural disasters and mass shootings — now consistently serve as fodder for fringe figures.

On Tuesday, a container ship collided into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in southeast Baltimore causing the bridge to collapse. Rescue crews have still not located six people believed to be workers filling potholes on the bridge. At this point, they are presumed dead. But…that has not stopped wing nut world from ginning up their ludicrous and unfounded conspiracy theories surrounding the bridge collapse because, that’s what they do during pretty much every tragic event, including a once in a lifetime pandemic.

Even after “Maryland Gov. Wes Moore declared a state of emergency and said the calamity that knocked down the bridge was most likely the result of an accident and not an act of terrorism,” the RWNJs still could not help themselves from going full throttle nutter. Moore told reporters that crew members of the Dali containership, which struck the Key Bridge on Tuesday morning, had notified authorities that they lost power.

Wing Nut Watch:

Don’t Need to Watch this 💩:

What is a ‘Black Swan Event?’

Disgusting Andrew Tate:

Before President Biden’s presser on the tragedy, Laura ‘Lips’ Loomer had this sick 💩to offer:

Posts claiming, without evidence, that the collision was the result of an intentional attack also spread on Donald Trump’s Truth Social, Rumble, and other right-wing online forums, according to data from Pyrra Technologies, which tracks smaller platforms.

Other online accounts, many also carrying subscription checks on X, suggested the disaster was linked to their own pet hot-button issues, from the war in Gaza to a vaccine-related “medical emergency” to corporate diversity policies.

On conservative media, commentators used the disaster to push criticisms of the Biden administration. Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo suggested the collapse was somehow connected to problems at the border, while on Newsmax, American Conservative Union chair Matt Schlapp suggested the crash might have been caused by “drug-addled” employees in the wake of “all the lockdowns and COVID issues.”

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