Judge Juan Merchan Sides with DA Alvin Bragg; Expands Gag Order to Protect More People

After TFG went on a “Truther” rant attacking Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter, ADA Alvin Bragg’s office filed a motion requesting the Court expand the original gag order from last week to protect others and restrain TFG from posting and spewing his violent rhetoric. Just moments ago, Judge Juan Merchan granted DA Alving Bragg’s request.

Under the new order, TFG MUST refrain from doing the following:

 "Defendant's dangerous, violent, and reprehensible rhetoric fundamentally threatens the integrity of these proceedings and is intended to intimidate witnesses and trial participants alike — including this Court," prosecutor Matthew Colangelo wrote in court papers filed Monday.

And in Other TFG’s Legal Woe News:

The adjudicated sexual assaulter/rapist/ fraudster, and false prophet and his co-defendants just posted the $175 million bond in their NY civil fraud case that was due tomorrow. By posting the bond, the Orange Ass and the rest of the fraudsters can begin the appeal process of trying to overturn the ruling in his NY civil fraud case.

TFG secured the bond through Knight Specialty Insurance Company.

If their appeal fails, the former president and his co-defendants will be on the hook for the entire $464 million judgment.

If Trump does not have the cash to cover the full judgment and his appeal is unsuccessful, James could enforce the judgment by seizing Trump’s assets.

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