Deejay T’s Spotify Playlist at Mar-a-Lago Is Just Like Rallies — Loud and Repetitive

At his oceanside retreat in Palm Beach, Trump controls the surround-sound stereo system on the breezy dining patio with his bigly iPad and its Spotify list. Regulars jokingly call it the “Deejay T” performance.

There’s a musical ritutal that insiders say reflects the mentality of the former *resident of the White House, and mirrors the Trump rallies:

Play it often and play it loud.

Most evenings when at home, TFG makes his way downstairs to the patio level of partiers, where he is greeted with a Pavlovian response of applause along with compliments for his ear for music.

While at dinner, Trump will shake hands with those who pass near his table, often velvet-roped off to signify the throne of honor. Guests, often regulars, tell him how great he is, while Trump shows off a printout of his latest bigly poll numbers.

When dinner is over, Trump will open his iPad and play the hits.

Sometimes it’s so loud that people have trouble talking. He marvels at the sound quality filling the garden. And just like at the rallies, the hits play over and over, with no interest in new material. It’s always the same playlist.

Trump acts like a kid at Christmas, opening the iPad like a shiny new toy. He acts like it’s the first time he’s heard the same songs of Sinatra or Johnny Cash.

It’s Trump’s golden oldies: “Phantom of the Opera” … “Jesus Christ Superstar” … and Elvis, including “Suspicious Minds.”

There’s “Hello” by Lionel Ritchie … Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain” … and the duet by James Brown and Luciano Pavarotti, “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World.”

REM is one of the newer favorites, making the cut a few weeks ago. There’s also Sinead O’Connor and Elton John. And Metallica.

One of Trump’s playlist favorites is the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” But, most nights, Trump’s trusty iPad grants his every wish.

Of the Spotify spectacle, a friend says Trump’s brain is a series of “titanium tubes” filled with a specific set of grievances, crowd-pleasing lines and taunts. With Trump, you’ll get stuck in one of the tubes whether it’s at a MAL party, a rally, or during an interview. He opens a tube and riffs.

The tube selection doesn’t vary: The election was stolen … The “deep state” hates him … Build the wall … Biden is senile … and true oldies: “Lock her up!” 

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