Nebraska Lawmakers Stop TFG and Gov. Jim Pillen’s (R) Nefarious Plan to Change the State’s Electoral College Vote to Benefit TFG

Nebraska remains one of the few states that does not do the whole ‘winner take all’ policy when granting Electoral College votes in the general election. The state “doles out three of its five electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins each of its three congressional districts. In practice, that puts the competitive 2nd District in the Omaha area in play, even though Republicans typically win the statewide vote easily.” But…TFG and Gov. Jim Pillen (R-Idiot) tried to change the way Nebraska doles out Electoral College votes to what most states do….winner takes all.

In a very lopsided procedural vote of 8-36, the Nebraska legislature on Wednesday night blocked a late effort to change how the state allocates its Electoral College votes. Although a one point gain in Electoral votes does not appear to matter in the grand scheme of things, it does because pundits and pollsters expect the 2024 election will be close and every vote and Electoral College vote matters.

Unfortunately, the matter may come up for vote again. State Sen. Loren Lippincott, who introduced the original winner-take-all bill, told the Nebraska Examiner that he’d make one final attempt to bring the measure up for a vote before the legislative session ends April 18. However, it’s unclear whether there’s enough support for the change to move forward.

Some ‘Splaining:

***Granted, the guy continuously confuses Nebraska and Nevada but…he does explain the process, just uses the wrong state.

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