Boebert ‘Canceled’ from Alcohol and Obsessive Selfie Taking

In December, the New York Young Republican Club held an event in Manhattan, which headlined TFG. Lauren Boebert (Idiot-CO) attended the event and multiple witnesses claim they saw “a server tell Boebert they would not bring her any more alcohol, with one witness telling CNN the server told the congresswoman they believed she had been overserved. Throughout the night, Boebert also kept attempting to snap selfies with Trump, who was sitting at the same table as her. Eventually, Trump’s security detail stepped in and asked Boebert to stop.” Obviously, TFG did not feel bothered by Bobert’s behavior because he has given her his full support and endorsement.

This latest incident featuring Boebert’s bad choices and behavior comes shortly after staff booted her “out of of a Denver showing of ‘Beetlejuice’ for vaping and performing sex acts at the family friendly theater.”

“Every day is hard. I’m not afraid of a challenge though,” Boebert told CNN before the House left for a two-week break. “I mean, I think that’s what has always caused me to stand out because there is always something coming against me, always something in my way. And when times get tough, I get tougher.”

“I show that we can persevere and push through. I got my boys, I got my faith,” she added.

Even with all of her baggage that does not appear to jibe with the ‘Sister in Christ’ doctrine, Boebert managed to clinch “the first spot on the ballot for her Colorado GOP primary after securing the highest percentage of delegate support on Friday at the district assembly.” 

Do better, Colorado.

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