Live: Total Eclipse of the Sun

OK, Tone says we can stay home from work… heard it here first…..

Ah, the memories…..

April 8, 2024, the day of the total solar eclipse. The next occurrence of this specific kind of eclipse will be in 20 years. 31 million people live in “the path of totality” will see the moon completely block the sun — “A total solar eclipse is one of the most spectacular things anyone can see in their lifetime,” Virginia Tech astrophysicist Nahum Arav told CBS News. The eclipse “looks like a black hole in the sky,” said Arav, who watched the paths of totality of eclipses in 1991 and 2017.  

How big will the impact of eclipse visitation be to the path of totality? Start with the fact that 31 million people in the United States already live inside the path of totality.

This animated GIF shows the Moon’s shadow arcing across the Pacific, then traversing North America, and ending at sunset not far from Spain. The very longest duration will be near Torreon, Mexico at 4 minutes and 27 seconds.

The inner black circle, the umbra, is where the shadow is complete — a total eclipse of the Sun. The outer shadow circle, the penumbra, shows the extent of the partial eclipse. The partial eclipse will be slight near the outer circle and deep near the path of totality. In a deep partial eclipse, the sky will cool and sunlight will take on an eerie quality. We encourage you get inside the path of totality. You will only see the corona when you are at 100% eclipse; inside the path of totality.

And then the Total Eclipse of Caitlin and Basketball, right down here on earth…..