The Real Reason the Clowns Booted Kevin McCarthy as Speaker, According to Kevin McCarthy

For once in his miserable legislative career, FORMER Speaker of the House may have told the truth about the real reason why the Clown Caucus booted his RINO ass from his job. During an hour-long chat with Georgetown University Students on Monday, ‘My Kevin’ told host Mo Ellethee that it was all Rapey McForehead’s (Matt Gaetz) fault:

“Let me give you the truth about that. And I’ll give you the truth why I’m not speaker: because one person, a member of Congress, wanted me to stop an ethics complaint because he slept with a 17-year-old girl,” he said. “Did he do it or not? I don’t know.”


In February this year, ABC reported that the House Ethics Committee had obtained text messages the congressman allegedly sent to a young woman his former friend Joel Greenberg had paid for sex to invite her on a trip to the Florida Keys.

Gaetz has vociferously denied all allegations that he had sex with anyone underage or committed any other crimes connected to Greenberg, but the two were close friends before his arrest, with the congressman referring to Greenberg as his “wingman,” and Greenberg allegedly wrote a confession letter to none other than Roger Stone (seeking Stone’s help obtaining a pardon from then-President Donald Trump) claiming he and Gaetz did in fact pay an underage woman for sex. Just last month, Gaetz reportedly told his congressional colleagues he ousted Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from the Speakership because McCarthy wouldn’t kill off the House Ethics investigation into this scandal.
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