‘Massacre Mitch’ sentenced to ‘Twitter Jail’

Twitter suspended Mitch McConnell’s official campaign account for posting a violent video about violent threats made against him. The video featured a leader from Black Lives Matters (BLM) cussing and saying that she had hoped McConnell had “broken his little, raggedy, wrinkled-ass neck ” instead fo fracturing his shoulder.

***Warning: This video contains lots of bad words.

McConnell’s campaign manager, Kevin Golde told the Courier-Journal,

“This morning, Twitter locked our account for posting the video of real-world, violent threats made against Mitch McConnell. This is a problem with the speech police in America today. The Lexington Herald-Leader can attack Mitch with cartoon tombstones of his opponents. But we can’t mock it.

“Twitter will allow the words of “Massacre Mitch” to trend nationally on their platform but locks our account for posting actual threats against us. We appealed and Twitter stood by their decision, saying our account will remain locked until we delete the video.”

In response to McConnell’s “Twitter jail sentence,” national Republican groups said they will no longer spend money to advertise on Twitter.

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