Wanted: Director of National Intelligence. Nutters need not apply.

After John Ratcliffe’s abrupt withdraw as Director of National Intelligence (DNI), CNN reported that several names have surfaced to replace. outgoing DNI Dan Coats. Among the “best and brightest” include: NSA director Mike Rogers, former Georgia Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss, and Peter Hoekstra, Trump’s current ambassador to the Netherlands

In 2017, Wouter Zwart, a correspondent for a Dutch television news program Nieuwsuur, busted Hoekstra in a lie when he claimed his own words were ‘Fake News.’

Hoekstra is known for xenophobic and Islamophobic rhetoric. He has gone as far as claiming parts of the Netherlands as “no-go zones.” that are allegedly run by jihadist.

When asked about his claims, Hoekstra tried to walk them back but failed miserably.

“No-go zones” do not exist in Europe. However, they’re quite popular with the alt-right and used to promote fear that “white Christian civilizations — are being invaded and corrupted by radical Muslim immigrants.”

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