NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre has a little chat with Trump

On Tuesday, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre phoned Trump to have a little chat about the recent mass shootings that have recently occurred. The WH did not state exactly what the two men discussed but more than likely, background checks came up during their conversation.

After speaking with LaPierre, Trump called Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin who said the two men discussed the NRA’s concerns about background checks.

Manchin also said Trump would like to see a gun legislation bill before September. Trump also intimated that Manchin could possibly drum up Republican support for it. Earlier in the week Trump said that he wanted Republicans and Democrats to come together and pass bi-partisan legislation.

The NRA issued a statement about last night’s CNN town hall on gun violence and offered their “deepest sympathies” in wake of the recent mass shootings.

Read NRA’s statement here:

Recently, Trump made it clear that there is no political appetite for banning assault riffles but said there is strong support for expanded universal background checks. However, in 2016, the NRA donated over than $30 million to support Trump’s candidacy so Trump could change his position going forward.

With Congress out of session until September, any new legislation will not materialize unless Senator McConnell brings the Senate back from recess.

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