Walmart to discontinue violent video games but will keep the guns

On Thursday, Walmart sent a memo to its employees instructing them to take “immediate action” and remove signing and displays that “contain violent themes or aggressive behavior.”

Walmart also said there would be no change in policy and will continue to sell guns.

‘’There’s been no change in policy,” Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove said, adding that the retailer has been focused on caring for customers and employees in the El Paso community. “It’s horrible … what’s happened.’’

CEO Doug McMillon posted a note to Walmart employees on the company’ website. He stressed that Walmart is, “more resolved than ever to foster an inclusive environment where all people are valued and welcomed.”

He added:

“Our first focus continues to be responding to the situation on the ground, and helping our associates, customers and law enforcement. There is a resource center on-site in El Paso where affected associates and their families can utilize counselors from Resources for Living for emotional support or talk to their leadership teams one-on-one. We want to make sure our associates have what they need to get through this difficult time, and to support the response effort and community members.”

Police in Springfield, Missouri arrested a 20 year old man yesterday after he went into a Walmart carrying a loaded rifle, possessing more than 100 rounds of ammo, and  wearing a bulletproof vest.

Lt. Mike Lucas said people were fleeing the store while the young man filmed them on his phone and making bizarre comments to them.  An off-duty fire fighter held him at gunpoint outside the store until police arrived and arrested him.  Police are still investigating what the young man’s motive was.

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