“Beto, come home. Texas needs you.”

The Houston Chronicle editorial board published a plea, asking their native son Beto O’Rourke to come home

The OpEd was in response to how Beto handled and responded to the recent mass shooting in El Paso, Texas.  The Board focused on his human side, emotions, and how he reacted to a reporter’s question asking if there was anything else Trump could do to tone down his rhetoric against immigrants.

“Um, what do you think?” O’Rourke responded bluntly. “You know the s*** he’s been saying. He’s been calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. I don’t know. … Like, members of the press — what the f***? It’s these questions that you know the answers to …”

The Board questioned if O’Rourke’s response was ‘presidential’ or even fit for the Sunday paper. Not really; it wasn’t.  But, it was real, raw human emotion at a time where emotions were boiling over in this country. It sure wasn’t scripted nor even planned. It came from his heart.

Based on O’Rourke’s comments and actions, the Chronicle wants him to:

So Beto, if you’re listening: Come home. Drop out of the race for president and come back to Texas to run for senator. The chances of winning the race you’re in now are vanishingly small. And Texas needs you.

For too long, Texas officials have had only to consider how far to the right they must go to stay in office. No one is asking whether there might be a good idea or two on the Democratic side of things. We need you, Beto, because Texas badly needs that other view of the world, those differing opinions. You’ve brought us closer to having real, competing parties than any other candidate has, and than any candidate on our radar could.

Although O’Rourke lost to Ted Cruz in the 2018 election, he put up a good fight and could perhaps, give John Cornyn a run for his money. We could use him in the Senate and it’s not too late for O’Rourke to drop out of a still very crowded presidential race and make a bid for the US Senate.

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