Trump gives a speech on energy: “I love cranes. I love trucks of all types.

Trump delivered a speech at the Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex in Monaca, Pennsylvania. Shell Oil owns the company, which plans to turn natural gas into plastic pellets. The plant is currently under construction and employs roughly five thousand, temporary construction workers. Once the company is operational, it will employ around 600 permanent employees.

As usual, Trump went off script and turned it into a campaign rally.

During his campaign rally, speech Trump shared with the audience his love for trucks.

He also alluded to opening an investigation into how the Obama’s got multimillion-dollar book deals.  Somehow, Trump has conflated their book deal with his Emoluments Clause violations. It appears he doesn’t understand that how the Obamas make their money AFTER leaving office is not a conflict of interest.

Trump also told the crowd employees that we should just do away with term limits, elections, and make him president for like…kind of like his BFF Kimmy:

Of course, he took a few swipes at the Democratic candidates calling Senator Warren Pocahontas.

According to CBS, “two workers said they were paid to be there Tuesday, although they had the option of staying home from work.”


President Donald Trump sits in the driver’s seat of a semi-truck as he welcomes truckers and CEO’s to the White House, Thursday, March 23, 2017, to discuss healthcare. (Official White House Photo by Benjamin Applebaum)
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