Trump holds a ‘bigly rally’ in New Hampshire

Maybe it’s because I’ve posted stuff on Trump’s “bigly rallies “dating back to 2015 that I’m burned out on his “bigly rallies.” Or perhaps, I just think he’s a lunatic hell bent on draining every fiber of my being every time he spews some absurdity that tops his last absurdity. But, seriously another year and some change of this stuff? NOPE.

I’m just going to ‘blog’ about his “bigly rallies” going forward because they’re NOT NEWS! They’re a reality show, a soap opera and the saddest thing about all this? People actually believe this shit.

Ever stand in line at the grocery store and watch some random person pick up a tabloid and comment on it to anyone stupid enough to listen to the lunatic? Yeah, that’s Trump and his cult! A bunch of single cell amoeba in unison lapping up this crap and begging for more. There’s a reason why I wear prescription sunglasses YEAR ROUND so I don’t roll my eyes or show any emotion on just how dumb people are.  I don’t have a poker face.

So, Trump holds a rally and guess what he does? Bags on someone’s weight. Has the man looked in the mirror lately? Notice how his clothes do not fit him properly?

Below are some clips from Trump’s bigly rally compliments of Aaron Rupar of Vox:

Three years later and not his challenger this time around but, “Lock her Up!”

Did you know that Trump is from Europe? Wouldn’t that disqualify him as president?

I’m out. This is just so unreal–delusional.  Please feel free to express your comments on Trump’s “bigly rally.”

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