Wing Nut Watch: Q followers flood the Supreme Court phone lines demanding proof RBG is alive

Earlier this year, Fox ‘News’ mistakenly claimed Justice Ginsburg passed away.

Since that time, the Supreme Court has received numerous calls inquiring about RBG and demanding proof that she’s still alive.

Today, QAnon followers flooded the SC phone lines but were met with a few initial challenges. It appears the Court has become accustomed to this nonsense and has installed a queue complete with instructions on what numbers to press to reach the operators who handle calls specifically related to RBG’s existence. Yes, there are operators employed to handle the conspiracy theorists of the world.

Of course, many of the callers weren’t happy with the information they received, as in RBG is alive!, and accused the operators and government of lying to them.

It’s unclear exactly what proof the callers needed.

On Tuesday night, RBG attended an off-Broadway performance of Fiddler on the Roof where she ran into Kate McKinnon who has played the Supreme Court Justice on Saturday Night Live for years.  Perhaps, it was her double.

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