Porsche’s Type 64 Nazi Car Fails to Sell in Auction Blunder

This Type 64 was originally painted black, and at one point was also painted turquoise, before returning to its current silver patina. 

After the biggest blunder in recent auction history, the Nazi car that Ferdinand Porsche made didn’t sell.

During Saturday night’s highly charged standing-room only auction in downtown Monterey, California, auctioneers at RM Sotheby’s premier sale . The controversial silver coupe had been expected to sell for some $20 million before a massive mistake, or a blundered attempt at a lighthearted prank, by the auction house upset the crowded room. 

“This is the only surviving example personally driven by Ferdinand Porsche,” the evening’s emcee said, then announced that bidding would open at “$30 million,” a figure that was written on the front media screen of the auction theatre. Half of the crowd laughed; the other half cheered. After rapid bidding up to “$70 million,” with the crowd on its feet, iPhones raised, and cheering, the auctioneer announced that he had meant to say “$13 million,” and then “$17 million,” rather than 30 and 70. The media screen was quickly changed to reflect the $17 million sum.

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