Appeals Court rules electors can vote for who they want

“A U.S. appeals court in Denver said Electoral College members can vote for the presidential candidate of their choice and aren’t bound by the popular vote in their states.

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that the Colorado secretary of state violated the Constitution in 2016 when he removed an elector and nullified his vote because the elector refused to cast his ballot for Democrat Hillary Clinton, who won the popular vote.

The ruling applies only to Colorado and five other states in the 10th Circuit: KansasNew MexicoOklahomaUtah and Wyoming.”

Read the ruling here:

The case focuses on an elector name Michael Baca who decided to write in Republican Governor John Kasich instead of casting his vote for the state’s choice, Hillary Clinton. Colorado’s former Secretary of State Wayne Williams “refused to count the vote and removed Baca as an elector. He replaced him with another elector who voted for Clinton.”

Full article at: US News

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