Mom questions cheerleading squad fundraiser: AM-15 semi-automatic rifle

In July, parents of New Richmond Junior Lions’ cheerleading squad found out they would had to fundraise for the group and one of the items up for raffle would be an AM-15 semi-automatic rifle.

The school required each girl to sell five $10 tickets and participation was mandatory.

Heather Chilton has three daughters on the squad ranging in ages from seven to ten. She expressed her displeasure with the raffle prize to the president of the New Richmond Junior Lions Football-Cheer Program, Robert Wooten.

Wooten ensured her that the winner would have to pass a background check. He also told her that they have raffled off a gun for the last past four years, which ‘has been a big money maker for football.’

The raffle will take place Sept. 3.

Full article at: USA Today Network Cincinnati

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