Attorney indicted on murder charges

A case of road rage

Attorney Bryan Keith Schmitt, 48, was indicted Friday for felony murder and aggravated assault in the death of Hamid Jahangard, 60, a real estate investor and father of two.

Schmitt claimed Jahangard threw a golfball at his Mercedes but surveillance cameras show differently.

During the investigation, police did find a golfball near the scene of the crime but no damage to the Mercedes.

Schmitt said he stopped, made a U-turn and confronted Jahangard. Words were exchanged. As he tried to pull into the driveway, Schmitt said Jahangard threw the trash can in front of his car to stop him.

He swerved, he said, and could not avoid hitting Jahangard in the process….

A neighbor’s surveillance camera captured part of the collision, but it was partially obscured. The break in the case came Aug. 8 when investigators obtained footage from an air conditioning service van traveling behind Schmitt’s Mercedes that showed the moment of impact.  

Investigators have now ruled Jahangard’s death was a result of road rage.

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