OPINION: When the world stopped listening to America

It’s become increasingly clear that U.S. power is not only absent under Trump, but unneeded. It is unlikely anyone will unlearn this lesson.

Presidential legacies are slippery things. Occupants of the Oval Office always try to frame their administration in the best light possible, hoping that history will remember their accomplishments and not their failures. History is a horrible gossip, however. We remember that William Howard Taft was so obese he needed a custom bathtub and not how he stood up to powerful monopolies. Likewise, Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress will still be talked long after we’ve forgotten Bill Clinton’s economic policies.

There is no doubt Donald Trump has high expectations for his legacy. He began to talk up his accomplishments almost before he had even moved in to the White House. By his own account Trump has done more than any previous president, and ranks himself as the best since Lincoln.

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