Wing Nut Watch: Texas State Legislator threatens Beto O’Rourke during the debate

Texas Rep. Briscoe Cain 

On Twitter, Texas legislature Briscoe Cain issued a threat to candidate Beto O’Rourke using Beto’s real name:

“My AR is ready for you Robert Francis.”

Screen capped in the event he delete or scrubs.

Obviously, Beto’s comments about forcing a government buy-back on ARs, “weapons of war,” triggered Briscoe.

Beto reacted and accused the law maker of threatening him:

Red flag his ass!

Briscoe has a history of supporting wing nut nuttery. He believes the City of Austin should be dissolved….to own the libs?

Briscoe also believes in junk science and wants to deny women the Right to Choose.

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