Free Chat Friday, Week 37

Friday the Thirteenth⚡️

Happy Friday, News Viewers, on this post–9/11, post– “Tea with Terrorists,” post–Truth, post–Bolton, post–Bahamas, post–OMG, Vaping!, post–Irish Pence, post —- The United States As We Know It……….Friday.

Another week, another word salad from Donald Trump, Maniac in Chief, and the basic theme of all those words we heard from him sounded OH so familiar……. “I didn’t do what I did”, “I didn’t say what I said,” “I wasn’t where I three-dimensionally was,” AND “Reports to the contrary are Fake News, evil Leftist media, and radical Socialist propaganda” . . . In short, this was just another week in paradise…..

TGIF, News Viewers….Free Chat is time to freely chat 😜 about the news of the week, day and hour, because that’s how quickly and chaotically things happen around here–it’s been a week of news that boggles the mind….. What’s happening in your worlds?

Who should be the next senator from California?